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Rob & Olivia Shannon
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Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Durso, Charlie & Ann

Rob grew up on Long Island, the oldest of four children. Strong family values and striving for excellence led to success in academics and athletics. Rob had always dreamed of owning his own business, but after investing years in advanced education and a corporate career, that dream was becoming more and more distant.

Olivia was born in Bucharest, Romania. Her family came to the U.S. in pursuit of the American Dream when she was six years old. She and her younger brother grew up in New York City, across the street from Central Park. Olivia's parents took advantage of the free enterprise system, and instilled in her a "be the best, do your best" attitude.

Rob and Olivia met while pursuing graduate degrees; Rob, his MBA, and Olivia, her PhD in French literature. Rob proposed after three months, and they were married a year later. Rob and Olivia's journey to Diamond began in 1984 at Rob's high school reunion, where a former classmate, Bob Grogan, and his wife, Wendy, told them about an exciting business opportunity.

They had been married for four years and had just bought a home on Long Island's prestigious North Shore. "We were the epitome of success; we wore the right clothes, frequented the best places and restaurants, but I had a 100-pound weight on my chest every night because everything was on credit," admits Rob. "Society tells us that credit is the way of life, and we were duped to believe that lie."

After seeing the business plan, it took them five months to open their kit. "Even though we were excited about the business, the timing wasn't right." When they finally did get started, they agreed that giving their careers 50 hours a week, plus their daily 3-1/2 hour commute into Manhattan, wasn't going to give them the lifestyle their marketing business could!

"Working in Fortune 500 companies, you're only a number; no one really cares about you or your welfare," says Olivia. "We saw such great examples of success in our new business and realized if we did what they did, we'd eventually have what they have!" They were so focused that they went Platinum in six months. The month they went Ruby, Olivia was in the hospital for 18 days with complications after their first daughter was born. "Rob was by my side throughout the ordeal, hardly building our business, yet our income doubled! That's when we realized the scope and security of this business and the Britt system."

Olivia has been free of a job since 1987, and Rob joined her in May 1995. "It was an incredible feeling, celebrating my freedom with my family, my upline, and over 1,000 of my closest friends!" Rob remembers.

Today, Rob and Olivia are full-time parents to their two girls, Alexandra and Taylor. They enjoy all the material luxuries, but they know where their true blessings come from. "Lifestyle isn't only money - it's peace of mind, lifelong friendships, no stress, family unity… everything the business and the Britt system stand for."