Maddison, Peter & Lynne

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Peter & Lynne Maddison
Pin: Diamond (1990)
Markets: Australia


LOS Upline: Avelsgaard, Tom & Caryn




Diamond 1990




Peter and Lynne Maddison started Amway in the early 1980's in Melbourne Australia. At this time there was no system and they found building the business challenging. They tracked down there upline Bert & Teri Gulick and togeather with other leaders were instrumental in starting IDA in Australia.

They went diamond in the early 90's and about the same time spun of from IDA and formed Dreamchasers there own support network. They run functions both in Australia and New Zealand, eventually moving to Auckland, New Zealand in the late 90's. When they went diamond they had the biggest emerald network in Australia.

At one point they had very high retention / renewal of IBO's and had one of the fastest growing organisations. They also got to know Victor, Jody & Kathy bringing them out once a year to there functions, and moved to become part of MMP. Which now included people from Malaysia and Greece.

Their focus moved from a networking model, to a retailing model, thus increasing the profit per IBO. However due to other business involvements that IBO's were involved with and other issues Amway and the Maddison's parted company in 2004.

While they currently have no involvement in the Amway business, their LOS continues to grow. At the point of their separation from Amway, they had one frontline Double Diamond in Deane, Craig & Anna and a frontline diamond in Hudgell, Craig & Jaynie. They have significant organisations in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Greece, including a number of downline Diamonds and dozens of Emeralds. If they were currently still involved with Amway, their current level of recognition based on FAA points, would be Founders Executive Diamond.

Downline Diamond