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This was the LOA that was started by Maddison, Peter & Lynne. It was active in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Amway United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland and Greece.

It stood for Divine Revelation Empowering A Man and Chaser - One who seeks to pursue or overtake.

The name was influenced by Florence, Bill & Peggy as his team name had the word dreamchaser in it, and while Dreamchasers was being set up Florence, Bill & Peggy, or their team members, regularly came out to Dreamchasers functions.

At its peek it produced its own monthly magazine.

A move was made away from a sponsoring only with personal consumption focus to sponsoring with a retail focus. The reason for the refocus, came after Peter assessed the organisation on the KPI net profit/per active IBO. He wasn't happy with the results that he uncovered.

This transition was successfully made, though a lot of distributors didn't want to make the move.

Peter & Lynne Maddison resigned from the Amway business in December 2005. They have ever made public why they resigned, but they notified their leaders in July 2005 that they were going to be stepping down. There was a lot of rumours about them going to another business but they did not do that and they had never stated that intention to their leaders.