Mackay, Claire & Andrew

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Claire & Andrew Mackay
Pin: Diamond - 2009
Markets: South Africa

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Henderson, Sean & Miranda

Andrew is a Chartered Accountant by formal training, having headed up a listed Group of Companies. Claire is a teacher with a specialization in sports for disabled children. They have four wonderful children. When they were introduced to this business a few years back, their initial reaction was one of disbelief that they could fit anything else into their very busy lives – they were time bankrupt. Replacing Claire’s income in their first year, and enabling her to be a full time mom for their children was the first major goal achieved, and it has proved to be priceless. "We know of no other business that with these credentials and minimal risk profile could have enabled us to build the major financial options we have in a few short years. And what an added bonus it is to be able to simultaneously help others around you do the same. “