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Sean & Miranda Henderson
Pin: Double Diamond - 2010
Markets: South Africa

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Reynolds, Paddy & Liz
Notes:Are in SALA LOS group

Success Story (Executive Diamond)

When Sean and Miranda first became interested in the Amway Business Opportunity, the personal benefits were the most appealing. They were very frustrated in their sporting careers as Professional Showjumpers due to the limitations of the sport in South Africa. Sean and Miranda saw the Amway Business as the vehicle to create financial options for themselves so that they could compete at a better level.

Their first goal was to replace Miranda's income from her regular job, which they did in nine months. From then on, their goal was to replace Sean's income which they achieved within three years when they went Emerald. Sean and Miranda are lucky that their sport is so expensive as this gave them the drive to get to Diamond which would give them true financial freedom, meaning they no longer had to rely on sponsorship for support in order to compete at top level. One of Sean's main sporting goals is to compete in the Olympics, not just as a competitor but as someone who has a real chance of being in the top ten in the world. Sean and Miranda love sport and spend their mornings either on their horses or mountain biking together. Their other main hobby is snowboarding which they enjoy when they go to the snow for about four weeks a year. Sean and Miranda initially saw this business as a means to benefit personally by becoming financially independent, but since qualifying Diamond, their main goal and driving factor is to help as many other people as possible benefit in the same way by guiding them to Emerald and Diamond levels. They believe that everyone is put on earth and has the potential to impact lives some people through music, others through business, some people may be through charity work. Sean and Miranda believe this business is their life purpose and by working towards their dreams and goals, they are able to help so many other people live a very different life. Every day they realise how blessed they are. They have the choice every day to work or not, but Sean and Miranda see building this business as a lifestyle because there is no better reward in life than to make a difference.

As Executive Diamonds, Sean and Miranda have definitely not arrived; it is simply a small stepping stone towards their real goal: Crown Ambassadors. Whilst striving for this ultimate dream, they hope to impact and change many lives.[1]

Success Story (Diamond)

"Our background is in the sporting environment as professional showjumpers, which has been our life and passion from a young age.

Being professionals we had to rely on sponsorship to fund our sport and ultimately our future. When we first saw this opportunity even though we thought it was a good idea, it was never a major priority in our lives, as our sporting career was our passion and dream. This dream was taken away from us when we both qualified for the World Championships in 1998, but went as spectators, and not as competitors due to sponsors being unable to finance us. Whilst on this trip sponsors offered us the opportunity to live and campaign in Europe, which is the ultimate opportunity in a showjumper's career. We took horses with us and spent 18 months competing around Europe.

We soon came to realise that no matter how good an opportunity may seem, being sponsored still meant that our lives were controlled by someone else. We then understood that in order to compete at world level we would have to create our own financial future.

This is when we made the decision to come back to South Africa and build this business seriously. It took us two and a half years to replace both our incomes, and since then we have had the ability to design our lives, which means that every morning we wake up and decide whether we want to work or not. We initially saw this as a way to give us the financial independence to live our dream of competing independent of sponsors.

This business has provided us with time, money, and a vehicle to help other people change their lives, as well as allowing us to pursue our sporting careers." [2]

Qualification History

2006 - Diamond
2007 - Executive Diamond
2010 - Double Diamond


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