MIn Ki Kim & Kwon Su Mi

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Kim Min Ki & Kwon Su Mi
Kim Min Ki.jpg
Pin: Double Diamond (2013)
Markets: Korea

World Wide Dreambuilders Korea

LOS Upline: Kim, Leonard & Esther
Website: http://www.wwdbkorea.com/



Executive Diamond 2012

Double Diamond 2013


Min Ki was a university graduate climbing the corporate ladder when it dawned on him that he could never catch up to those with better opportunities no matter how hard he worked. He took a leap of faith and started an AMWAY business. His father didnot support his decision, but Min Ki persisted because he saw AMWAY was an opportunity to succeed and to grow in character. His persistence paid off and now his aim is to introduce AMWAY to the young, to help them change their lives for the better.

Min Ki 自大学后就一直努力的拼搏,以期一朝能在企业里登上青云路。尽管如此,显示令他看清楚不管他如何努力,终究追不上那些机会逼他更好的人。因此,他试着相信并开始去建立安利事业。尽管他的决定不获得父亲的支持,Min Ki仍旧坚持到底。因为他看到安利是一个能让他成功及塑造个性的机会。他的坚持获得了汇报,而现在他的目标是把安利介绍给年轻的一代,帮助他们改变人生,过更美好的生活。