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Leonard & Esther Kim
Leonard Esther Kim.jpg
Pin: Founders Crown Ambassador 40 (2002)
Markets: Korea

World Wide Dreambuilders Korea

LOS Upline: Eugene & Sarah Kim


United States: 6 January 1990

Korea: 10 May 1991


Ruby April 1992

Diamond February 1994

Executive Diamond February 1995

Double Diamond July 1995

Triple Diamond July 1996

Crown Ambassador August 2000

100 Plus Crown Ambassador August 2001

Founders Crown Ambassador August 2002

200 Plus Crown Ambassador August 2002

Founders Crown Ambassador 40 August 2002

Downline Diamond

In 2002, the Kim's qualified and 40 FAA Points (2002). Their immediate upline diamonds are Eugene & Sarah Kim. They are downlines in Ron Puryear's WWDB organisation. In 1990 while in America they started their Amway business. In 1991, after 20 years overseas, they moved back to Korea. They went Ruby in 1992 but due to the bad economic situation in Korea, they fell to 12%. Then they rebuilt their business very quickly. They went Diamond in 1994, Double Diamond in 1995 after only 4 years in the Korean market. In 2001, the Kim's broke 119 New Diamonds!!! A new record requires a new title. The "unofficial" 100 Plus Crown Ambassador title was given to the Kim's. In 2002, the Kims broke 240 New Diamonds! Thus the 200 Plus Crown Ambassador pin was born. As of 2003, the Kim's had 13 Founders Council Members (Founders Triple Diamond and above). In 2005 they had more than 400 Diamonds in their downline.

Esther Kim once stated: "Actually I had been using Amway products for almost 15 years but nobody told me about the plan." The Kims are part of a leg that originally were Clients of Founders Crown Ron Puryear for many years.

They are founding member of the TOP4 group of international organisations.


Sharing the American Dream

The American dream is reaching other parts of the world, this time through a very average Korean couple who decided to leave the United States, their home of twenty years, and return to their homeland of Korea to build their own independent business. Their unstoppable passion for success was their only companion. Four short years later, they achieved Double Diamond and acquired the time and money to help others. As they continued to help others, their business grew to Triple Diamond. In 2002, they became 100+ Crown Ambassadors.

Anything Is Possible

Leonard and Esther Kim are a true example of lives changed by this business. Beginning with business cards and a strong determination to succeed, the Kims have expanded their business to an international market that knows no national boundaries. They believe nothing is impossible and even greater things are in store for their future because opportunity continues to arise.

Our Potential Is Unlimited!

Good leaders serve others well. “Often people say that in order to succeed, you must step over others in front of you,” says Leonard. “But this business is truly different. In order for you to succeed in this business, your downline must succeed first.” The Kims have shown the tremendous success that can be achieved by following this principle. They set an exciting new record in the history of the corporation by breaking over 100 new Diamonds in one year. Never before has this tremendous accomplishment been realized. A brand-new level required a brand-new title and the 100+ Crown Ambassador pin was born and awarded for the first time.

Best Record Yet to Come

Later, the Kims broke over 200 new Diamonds, creating another record and another new pin—200+ Founders Crown Ambassadors. A team effort definitely achieved both these goals and created these achievements. Many tens of thousands of people participated and are enjoying the satisfaction of reaching these unprecedented goals. The real victory is how many lives have been improved through the Kims’ effort.

Content with the Future

The Kims are happy with their lives and enjoy being greeted by people everywhere they go in Korea. They like not having to worry about their future and the comfort and freedom of a secure and plentiful life that enables them to take an interest in the security and happiness of others. When asked recently about an anonymous good deed they had done, Leonard and Esther simply said, “We were happy to help others, so we would rather not talk about it.”

Branching Out

Although their twenty years of living in the U.S. prepared them for living abroad, they say that trips they took for the business taught them a lot. Spending two months out of the year abroad, they visited Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, South Africa, Hawaii, China, Europe, the U.S. mainland, and many other countries.

The Kims began branching out to other countries when a speaking engagement in Japan allowed Leonard and a few of his downline an opportunity to look around Japan. Now he has become interested in the Chinese and Hong Kong markets as well.

Leonard and Esther have grown to tremendously value and appreciate the World Wide Group support system. With the help of Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear, Leonard and Esther have helped to develop World Wide Dreambuilders Korea into an active support system that helps unify their business. “We are just a small part of a much larger system that circles the entire world,” comments Leonard, “and without the World Wide Group support organization, our business would not be nearly as successful as it is.”

Life Is Sharing and Helping Others!

The Kims are truly an example of what can happen because they allowed their lives to be used to benefit themselves and many others. As a result of their willingness to help others, their business grew and many blessings have followed. As is true of all real and lasting success, one of the greatest blessings is who they have become through the process of building their own business.

Reviewing their activities in Japan, Hong Kong, and China, Leonard and Esther are convinced that the business has no limits. Their hope is that many others will follow their pattern of establishing a strong foundation in Korea as Founder’s Crown Ambassadors and then branching out to also become leaders in the international market.

Leonard’s motto is: “Winners never give up, and those who give up never succeed.” Esther’s is: “Accept one’s own endless capabilities and act with confidence.” The Kims say that the higher you go in this business, the higher you want to climb. Vowing to devote their lives to ‘making Diamonds,’ they say, “We sincerely hope that many people will discover Leonard and Esther’s world of Diamonds and enjoy the comfortable life and freedom that come with the business.”

People everywhere in the world truly want the benefits of living the American dream—the freedom and the responsibility of owning a successful business and the privilege of helping others along the way. It takes courage to claim a life of victory and Leonard and Esther have demonstrated that a tiny spark of hope in the beginning can grow to include the hopes and dreams of thousands of other people. Ordinary, average people who have become heroes.

Sound, Steady, Solid Business All the Time! “Everyday Christmas! Everyday CORE! Everyday Change! Everyday Challenge! Everyday Choice! Everyday Celebration! Everyday Charity!”

“We believe God created everyone for greatness. See you at the top!”