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Wonbo Shim & Han Jungah
Pin: Crown Ambassador (2012)
Markets: US


LOS Upline: Nam-Deuk Kim & Jung-Yun Lee
Double Diamond 2011
Triple Diamond August 2011
Crown May 2012
Crown Ambassador July 2012

Fastest US Crown Ambassador (7 Years) ever!

Minnesota, Crown Ambassador (2012), Their most recent trip to Hawaii was a time of celebration for Wonbo Shim, Jungah Han, and their children: Sandra, 17, Catherine, 14, and Kristin, 11. In addition to being recognized for their business accomplishments, it was Jungah’s birthday and what better place to celebrate than in Hawaii!

“We enjoyed everything so much – the warm welcome at the airport, the limo to the hotel, and particularly, our special host. Everything was so lovely and every little thing taken care of; we never waited in a line. We were treated like dignitaries. I remember thinking it was a beautiful way to be celebrated – and wow, we are doing it together as a family.”

It was a fun-filled week and Wonbo recalls a few of the highlights, “It was Sandra’s first time in a helicopter; it was fun to watch her experience that. For Sandra, I think the entire trip was an eye-opener.” “That’s right,” agrees Jungah. “But even more, Sandra was fascinated with the EDC programs, and how they brought leaders and ideas together. The company puts a priority on people, and that trip made us feel special.”

Making people the priority

Wonbo and Jungah have made it a priority to stay in touch with the needs of their business partners, and they’ve done it exceedingly well. Jungah says good communication is just as important today as it was in those early years when their list of business partners was shorter and limited to a few family members, neighbors, and friends who lived in nearby towns. “We’ve always enjoyed getting to know incoming partners. In the beginning we’d pack up the kids, go for a drive, and spend time with downline families.”

Technology helps everyone stay connected.

Business grew and so did distances between downlines. While Wonbo and Jungah still place a high value on face-to face meet ups, they’ve also incorporated technology into their daily business communications. Smartphones and email keep them in constant contact. They stay connected across the miles through their website with its bulletin board to communicate messages to a broader group. Wonbo says, “One person might write a question about something product related. There are a number of qualified people to answer most questions and they usually have great conversations about positive ways to solve a problem. Other people might have a similar question and now everyone can see the answer. The beauty is that I don’t have to be there every minute to provide answers.”

Today, more than 95% of Wonbo and Jungah’s partners are Korean. Technology enables Korean-speaking IBOs to communicate in their own language and interact with others in their group. “Right now our website is the best place for Korean downlines to get information in their own language, talk with mentor experts, and work through solving problems with people who care about their success,” shares Wonbo.

Wonbo and Jungah put FaceTime (video calling via their iPhones) to work for telephone conferencing. It’s not quite the same as being there in person, but they find it convenient and a nice way to be able to see faces during conversations.

Because they still prefer to make personal contact, the couple says they rack up thousands of miles on their frequent flyer program visiting with IBOs in major cities across 39 states. Wonbo finds humor in the fact that their frequent flyer award level is Diamond. He says, “We’re at the Diamond level there, too.”

Two are better than one

A golf buddy first introduced Wonbo to the Plan. But it was Jungah who committed to putting their business on the fast track while Wonbo worked as an engineer during the week and helped her on evenings and weekends.

Wonbo is now committed to their business full time, and Jungah enjoys how well they work together. Wonbo’s strengths, according to Jungah, are his focus and concentration. “He’s great at strategizing the big picture, putting in the time and effort to work toward the goal, and our children love finding Daddy at home when they come home from school.”

One hundred diamonds

Wonbo and Jungah share a vision for their business: They want to see 100 diamonds in their group and they’re committed to making it happen. The couple agrees, “This is a global business, and there are no limits to what we can accomplish.”

Wonbo and Jungah are so excited to be where they are today. Wonbo says, “We love how Amway is a business that respects families and family values. It’s not only a business; it’s our life mission. We believe so strongly in it, we want to share it with the world!”