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Peter Light
Pin: Diamond
Markets: Australia


LOS Upline: Smart, Bill & Briony

Peter Light joined the Amway business in 1987, sponsored by Diamonds Bill and Briony Smart. He went diamond in 1992.


After spending most of my teenage years being involved in sport and travel, I was looking for a way that I could continue this lifestyle into my adulthood. However, after leaving school, working on the family farm, and being employed with a wool broking firm, something occurred to Peter. “It became obvious that there was a discrepancy between how I wanted to live and what was really possible because of the time and money constraints required to earn a living.”

Peter continues, “This frustrated me as I felt there had to be an alternative, but didn’t know what.” In his mid twenties, Peter was at the point of accepting that many of his initial goals and ambitions were never going to happen. “I was starting to settle for a life I wasn’t totally happy with.” Peter reflects. It was at this stage that I was contacted and offered a partnership in this opportunity by a friend, Bill Smart. Peter now realizes, “In hindsight it was perfect timing as I was in the looking zone.”

It took Peter a few months to feel comfortable and overcome the skepticism he had about what was possible and whether it was worth putting in a genuine effort. However as his confidence and vision grew of what was possible, he took small steps in getting started with the help of his support team and mentors. Peter says that “As well as learning from other successful business owners via the training system’s seminars and conferences, the coaching and help were critical to my success.”

As his confidence grew, so did Peter’s belief in what was possible, which made the process of building a business more enjoyable and exciting. It also meant that three and a half years after getting started Peter had tripled the equivalent of his job income from this ‘part time’ business, allowing him to leave the traditional workforce at age 30 and live the lifestyle he wanted.

“When I look back now, it amazes me how simple the process really was and how a few years of committed part-time effort has allowed me, and many others, to achieve what we wanted out of life. Having the ongoing income allows an incredible life-style because of the time flexibility. This allows the choices to do what we want when we want.”, says Peter.

Peter lists many benefits of this business including being able to get rid of debt, pursue hobbies and sport, and shopping for what he wants versus what he could afford. Peter says of this business, “It has allowed me to school my kids in the schools of choice, eating at restaurants without choosing my meal based on price, living in the location I want, being able to spend more time with the kids over the holidays and being able to travel without restraint.”