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Bill & Briony Smart
Pin: Diamond - 1994
Markets: Australia


LOS Upline: Lisa Smart

Bill & Briony Smart started in Amway in February 1985. In April 1994, after 9 years, they reached the Diamond level. Thier largest Leg is through Diamond Peter Light. In total he has 5 Diamonds in his Australian organisation. They live in South Australia and are part of the McKenna LOS.

Bill and Briony Smart entered Amway in 1987 and in a few short years set up a huge organisation across Australia, leading the way for many Platinums, Emeralds and Diamonds to follow them. They hoped that they could change the direction their life was heading but were unaware that they brought with them the three most desirable traits in this industry: a clear defined dream; a great work ethic; and a teachable spirit. They knew that life is not a ‘dress rehearsal’ and took full advantage of the opportunity that had been offered to them to set up their family. Bill explains, “What we saw initially was even with having no business experience, there was a chance to make a lot of money, and not just a little bit. If we made enough then we could buy the farm.”

Bill had a degree in Agriculture from Roseworthy College and had completed and excelled in a Management Course at the Irish National Stud. In 1987 he and Briony were running the Smart Family dairy farm at Oakbank in the Adelaide Hills and Briony already had her hands full with two young children. Silvers in 1987, Platinum in 1988 and Emerald in 1989 set them on a path where their time was bought back, the dairy cows were sold and Bill was able to pursue his dream of racehorse training. Diamond in 1993 meant in the next few years they were able to buy the family farm, build their dream home and increase their brood to five. Their life was no longer governed by chance but by choice. Bill and Briony now enjoy the benefits of not being governed by time and financial constraints. “Success in this business has given us choices, where no one else is telling us what to do and we can make the right decisions about all aspects of our life.” says Bill.

Watching their income go from way under the average wage to the top 5% in the country has come through an amazing example of consistently doing the right things, being open to mentorship and creating their own reality by expanding their dreams and helping others expand theirs. Bill says “Help from our mentors was one of the reasons for our success. When I lacked confidence, they expressed their confidence in my ability to build this business.”Of the future, Bill says, “This business is the same as other businesses in that it is leadership driven. With the right people on the team, we can become one of the most admired business concepts in Australia. We currently have an opportunity for a lot of people to gain control of the financial future.”