Fransiscus Abdi Mulia B & Henny Pamela Matindas

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Fransiscus Abdi Mulia B & Henny Pamela Matindas
Pin: Founders Diamond
Markets: Indonesia

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Matindas, Chris & Rita

Both of them have the same background, graduated as a Psychologist from University of Indonesia. They started their career in Human Resources Area, Frans last position was as , p Deputy Division Head of Human Resources in a large Private Bank in Indonesia, he was retired in 1999, and Pamela last position was as Human Resources Manager in a Multinational company, she was retired in 1996.

They started the Amway business in 1994, introduced by Pamela’s brother, ExecutiveDiamond Chris Matindas, they started very slow, cause they didn’t have the belief and passion to build the business; their paradigm & belief changed when they attended the Network21 Weekend Seminar; after the seminar, they decided to build the business with full commitment, nothing can stop them; they went Diamond in 2001, and now they have a large group of leaders in big cities in Indonesia.

They always want to be the best students from their uplines. Their goal is to help their group to become Diamond too and to share this business opportunity to everybody they know to have a great life together, and one of their dreams is to be significant persons for the people they love in their family friends and society. They are really grateful family, friends, society & proud to become part of Jim & Nancy Dornan’s Network 21 family.