Matindas, Chris & Rita

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Chris & Rita Matindas
Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: Indonesia

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Angkasa, Robert

Chris Matindas was graduated as an MBA in US, worked for Int'l accounting firm for 2 years, and his last position was Manager in a famous private bank, whereas Rita, she worked in an advertising company and her last position was account director.

Funny things about them, both were born in the same year, same hospital, delivery helped by the same doctor, both parents knew each other. After 17 years, they met again at their first year in University. Both graduated at the same day. They started in the business, after a friend invited them saying it was a reunion, it happened to be an Amway business plan meeting.

Chris joined shortly after the presentation, but didn't do anything for 6 months. Their first 8 months in the business was a nightmare, with no result, almost quitted. Only the tapes and the people who kept them in the business. The turning point was their first weekend seminar, 8 months later they were Silvers. Now they are one of most popular couple, most sought speaker with a huge business in their group with 1 founders double diamond, 17 Diamonds and almost one hundred emeralds in the group.