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John & Julie Felix
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Markets: United States


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During their younger years, John and Julie seemed to dance their way through life with glitter, glamour, and glitz. As owners of their own dance studios, the Texas couple and their students frequently stepped up to stages throughout the country, competing in national events that lured light-footed competitors from all over the world.

Yet, life was not always a waltz in the park. "It didn't provide any security," recalls John. "We loved dancing, but if I broke a leg or suffered any injury, I couldn't perform. I had no time for my wife or my family."

"We had such bad hours to have any kind of home life," recalls Julie. "We'd get to the studio at noon, then teach until 11pm." John adds, "There were no residuals. We would start the year at zero and end the year at zero. We were trading hours for dollars with no end in sight.

"What made us stay in the dance business was the glamour and the excitement," recalls John. "Some dances were very classy. For ballroom dancing, men wore tuxedos, white bow ties, and tails; women wore long, sequined gowns. Costumes for country-western dancing, disco, and other styles dazzled with sequins and feathers against the bright lights. It was all very theatrical," adds John.

Several times they competed in the USA Ballroom Championships held in Madison Square Garden. "We were one of the top ten independent dance studios in the nation with the most first place students." But during the early 1980's recession, the cyclical business of dance shimmied downward causing "all kinds of struggles," recalls John. "We were really praying for something better."

Then, in June of 1984, when Julie was expecting the first of their three daughters, the Felixes learned about a marketing business through one of John's former teachers. Julie got excited because she saw the opportunity as a way for her to ease up on her teaching and stay home to care for their baby.

"This business was like a breath of fresh air, a dream come true," says John. Today, the Felixes live in a beautiful home in Georgetown, Texas, with their daughters, Jennifer, Jaclyn, and Jessica. Julie's mother has also joined them, and is a big help in caring for the girls.

"It's an unbelievable dream come true," says John. "We thank God for it."

Julie adds, "We're able to have time and peace of mind. In the dance business, we had no security. But this is a whole different way of life. Everyone rallies together and helps each other. It's a people-helping-people business in a win-win situation. And it just gets better and better!"