Merris, John & Cathy

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John & Cathy Merris
John & Cathy Merris.jpg
Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Miller, Paul & Leslie

Making it to Diamond marked a major milestone for the Merrises - their reward for years of tireless work by John and Cathy, and a bright future for their children: Julie, Natalie, Jessica, John, Nicole, and Joseph.

Yet, they once had such severe financial problems, that Cathy despaired of ever finding a way out. "To earn extra money, I climbed out of bed at two o'clock every morning to deliver newspapers," she recalls. "The seriousness of our situation really hit me when my car was repossessed."

Always a hard worker, John sold vacuum cleaners while in college. After graduation, he stayed in Texas and continued as an independent distributor for the company, until, discouraged by the high turnover, he decided to try corporate life. He relocated to North Carolina, and became a branch manager for a large computer company.

"There, I had a good income," he says, "but I didn't feel fulfilled. I said to myself, 'Go to work, come home, go to work, come home... is this all there is to life?'" In 1983, John moved his growing family back to Texas, and accepted a position as regional manager for a smaller computer company. A few months later, the company folded.

While in North Carolina, John and Cathy had started their business, but they hadn't paid much attention to it. Now, with John out of work, they made a total commitment. With help from his upline, John learned to train and nurture the people he registered - watering, fertilizing, and cultivating the seeds he planted in their hearts, often through a long incubation period. Five years later, the Merrises reaped the harvest. In one year, they earned both Emerald and Diamond qualification!

Now, John and Cathy are enjoying the lifestyle they always wanted. "For me, the top priority is being a good wife and mother," says Cathy. "I love travelling with John, and I love attending my kids' dance performances, piano recitals, soccer games, swim meets, and other activities." Cathy has been PTA president and actively supports local candidates and election issues.

Reflecting on their success, John attributes much to their willingness to delay gratification. "We focused on our dream and postponed some of the things we enjoy," he says. "For example, I love to golf, but I put it off to build the business. Now, I have more money and time than ever before, and I golf on courses all over the world."