Dr.Girish & Savita Singh

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Dr. Girish & Savita Singh
Pin: Emerald
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Kumar Shiva Ramakrishnan & Anjali Kumar
Website: http://www.brittindia.com,
Notes:upline emerald Dr. Ram & Lakshmi Subramaniam, Founders Emerald

Dr. Sangeeta & Shankar Devraj, Founders Emerald,India

Dr Girish & Savita Singh (Doctor & House Wife, Mumbai)

I am a Physician and have been practicing for the past 25 years. My wife is a homemaker and we are blessed with two children: Neha & Nikhil. We had a pretty good life and a decent lifestyle. However, I always worried about what if I am unable to continue my practice. One day one of our best family friends showed us the Amway business. Before Amway business we never believed in dreams and financial freedom, however, as we started working we realized that we can gain financial freedom and better future now. We are very thankful to God for giving this opportunity to us through our family friend. Thanks to the Amway business I am able to spend quality time with my family. We also went on several International trips together as a couple. Apart from our old friends we also have new friends with whom we build this business passionately. And above all, we have an income which is Royalty in nature and that is what gives us security. Now, we understood that this business gives a complete package of success in life not only financially, but also in social, physical, mental and spiritual aspects. Also by the virtue of this business we are leading a healthy, happy and cheerful life. We are indeed thankful to our uplines for giving us this opportunity. We also owe this success to God, the great team work, and one and all who believed in us. Last but not the least, we want to thank the BWW for putting in place such an amazing education system and supporting us with such awesome tools. Friends, life has given u a LEMON; add Sugar and make it into LEMONADE!


Having Huge organization.


Also having One front line Diamond in their group