Delisle, Frank & Rita

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Frank & Rita Delisle
Pin: Crown Ambassador
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: JaRi

The Delisle are US Crown Ambassadors. They have a son & daughter in law Dennis & Sharon Delisle who are Triple Diamonds.

When the company he worked for suddenly went out of business, Frank Delisle, Sr. decided to find a career that couldn't be taken away from him. Together with his wife Rita, Frank launched his business in 1961. Within six months, they had achieved the Platinum level. The rapid growth caught the attention of Frank's fellow business owners, who elected him to the ADA (now the Independent Business Owners Association International) Board of Directors the next year.

Frank served on the Board for six consecutive years, three of them as Vice President. He credits his work on the Board during this time as providing much of the inspiration for the continued growth of his business.

"I worked directly with Rich DeVos , Jay Van Andel , and the other founders," says Frank. "They showed extraordinary commitment to the Association. It was a very exciting time to be involved, and it really inspired me to focus on my business."

Today, sons Dennis and Frank, Jr. share most of the responsibility for running the Delisle business, which has reached the Crown Ambassador level. A third generation of Delisles have gotten involved as well.

"We still work with our downline and attend the major conventions," said Frank. "We're still as excited about the business as we were when we started. When you have the enthusiasm for something like we do for the business, you can't just retire and walk away. It means too much to us."