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Dennis & Sharon Delisle
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Pin: Triple Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Delisle, Frank & Rita

Coming To Morgan Hill - My wife Sharon and I moved to Morgan Hill in July of 1976. We have watched the city grow for 30 years now. Our daughter Annette was 2 years old when we moved here and our son Dennis Jr. was born 2 weeks after we arrived. Today Annette lives in Tampa, Florida. Her education was Christian Ministries and is currently working as a personal trainer. Dennis Jr. and his wife Lori live in Morgan Hill with their 3 boys. Dennis owns “Whole People Inc.” and Lori owns an image consulting business with her full time job of raising 3 boys under 5 years old. We are proud of our children and are grateful for the people and community activities that were here in Morgan Hill to help them in their development. My parents Frank & Rita Delisle also lived in Morgan Hill up to a few years ago. My brother Frank & Barbara Delisle also raised their 4 children in Morgan Hill. So you can see that Morgan Hill has meant a lot to our families and still does for our future family growing here.

Education - Sharon and I are high school sweethearts and graduated from Cupertino High School class of 1966. I went on to attend De Anza Jr. College and received an A.A. Degree – business class of 1968. Then went to San Jose State University graduated with a B.S. Degree – Accounting class of 1971. I believe that education doesn’t end with graduation. It actually begins. You must continue to educate yourself with seminars, books and audios, especially in financial intelligence because it is so vital in everything you do.

Faith - We are members of Morgan Hill Bible Church. It is a non-denominational Christian Church. We have been members since the church started in the early 80’s. I believe that there is a God and that every life is special and unique, and that God has a special purpose for your life. I believe that the Bible is the word of God and that by following it your life will be better.

Sharon and I are celebrating 38 years of marriage. Three weeks after our wedding day, Sharon developed a chronic kidney disease. We were not sure how long she had to live. We have a history of many doctors, hospitals and challenges in our life. Because of our faith our lives have been blessed through these challenges, and we look forward to 38+ more years together.