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Rocky Covington
Rocky Covington.jpg
Pin: Executive Diamond (1994)
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Paul & Leslie Miller




Rocky Covington is an Executive Diamond affiliated with BWW. He started in Amway in 1977, qualifying Diamond in 1982 and Executive Diamond in 1994. Prior to Amway, Rocky was a Vice President at a bank. After qualifying Diamond, Rocky suffered a serious motor vehicle accident where he crushed one of his ankles. Paul was at Rocky's bedside during the majority of the ordeal.

Rocky has 2 frontline Diamonds including 4 Diamond downline. They are:

Success Story


["When I was a bank vice president, I managed lots of money, but most of it belonged to other people. My time wasn’t my own, either. Today, I set my own schedule and enjoy a lifestyle that was once only a dream."

While in his teens, Rocky had wanted to go into coaching. "Instead of doing what I wanted to do, I listened to others who told me there wasn’t any money in teaching or coaching," Rocky recalls. A basketball scholarship enabled Rocky to get a degree in business banking, which landed him a job with a major bank in North Carolina.

When he turned 30, Rocky began to look back at his years of working at the bank and partying with his friends, and realized he felt little joy in his accomplishments. Even though his offices got bigger with every promotion, he felt the walls were closing in on him.

Then, in 1977, Rocky was introduced to the business by an old high school friend. He gave in to his friend’s barrage of phone calls because, "He was more persistent than I was stubborn," laughs Rocky.

Soon, Rocky came to see the program as the coaching job he’d never had. "This business gave me the chance to coach, not in the fundamentals of blocking and tackling, but in the fundamentals of life," says Rocky.

Rocky is particularly proud of building his business as a single.

"Most of the people who build this business are couples," he says. "But it can be built by just one person." And build it, he has!

Rocky attributes his success to a bulldog mentality. "Bulldogs don’t let go of something once they get their teeth into it," states Rocky. "The same goes for this business. Once you choose to pursue it, you have to go at it like a bulldog."

Today, Rocky calls Myrtle Beach, South Carolina home. "I always wanted a home at the beach," smiles Rocky. "My dad brought me here when I was a kid, and I swore I’d live here one day." Rocky also enjoys the beaches in places like Hawaii, Bermuda, Grand Cayman Islands, Virgin Islands, and the Caribbean. But, what he enjoys most is "being able to help others achieve their goals and dreams in life."

Disputes & Controversies

Skaggs Lawsuit

In July, 2007, a lawsuit was filed by International Business Solutions, Inc. a company operated by Emeralds Henry and Sue Skaggs naming Bill and Peggy Britt, Paul and Leslie Miller, Rocky Covington, Kevin and Beth Bell, and Britt WorldWide as defendants. The suit alleges that the Skaggs, having developed a software system to allow for direct order fulfillment of BSM to their downline, received approval from Britt to continue the development of the software program for eventual rollout to all of BWW. During this time, the Skaggs state that they carried the burden of the development costs. According to the lawsuit, in 2005 Bill Britt rescinded the agreement. The Skaggs then claim they were "de-edified" by their upline. The suit alleges breach of contract, racketeering, and intentional interference with economic relations [1].

In response, the defendents claimed that no contract was entered into and challenge the lawsuit on various other legal grounds. [2]


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