Bradshaw, Charles & Martha

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Charles & Martha Bradshaw
Charles & Martha Bradshaw.jpg
Pin: Diamond (1994)
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Covington, Rocky


Charles and Martha began dating in high school, where Charles was an outstanding football player with a goal to earn a football scholarship and become a coach. Martha was involved in every phase of school life at her small high school in eastern North Carolina. She knew she was going to get a master's degree and become a teacher.

Little did they know that their dreams, goals, and hard work in this business would bring them the lifestyle and freedom they have today. Charles was a successful high school football coach, and Martha was a college English instructor whose very demanding schedule included balancing a job, football games, and caring for their daughter.

One of Charles' college football friends called him five times before he agreed to look at a business plan. From the first time he saw the business, Charles thought it was something he could do in his very limited spare time. Martha had some reservations, because they were already so busy.

However, after seeing the plan several times and associating with people who had been successful, Charles and Martha realized this could be the way they could make some extra money ' specifically, $500 a month. They worked hard, even when people said it wouldn't work. They chose to listen to people like their upline EDC, Rocky Covington, and Crown, Paul Miller.

Today, they live in the same town where Charles had his first job as head football coach; however, they have moved to a beautiful home on seven acres. They no longer go to jobs that take all of their time, and they have a lovely, well-adjusted daughter, Jenny.

The $500 a month that was to be extra income to help make things easier for a coach and a teacher, has turned into an incredible lifestyle that includes a beautiful family, home, cars, clothes, giving to favorite charities, travel all over the world, and ' most important of all ' wonderful friends with dreams and goals to share all of this with.

"We're still coaching and teaching; only now, the rewards are even greater. Seeing people get their lives together and accomplish lifelong dreams is so exciting. We know 'the best is yet to come.' Come join us!"