Channer, Orrett & Christine

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Orrett & Christine Channer
Pin: Founders Diamond (2003)
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Callender, Wayne & Suzanne


Success Story

It's always been exciting to be a part of the tremendous Callender/Crowe team, and one of our biggest memories of going Diamond will always be when John Crowe raised our hands – a truly magical feeling – because we really wanted to represent our team in a major way.

One of the things we've always stressed in our business is relationships. When the going was tough over the years, it was the relationship we had with our sponsors that kept us going. Even though this business is real, sometimes when life hits you, people take their eyes off where they're going to , and focus on what they're going through .

Christine worked in management at Staples, and I worked in hazardous waste, primarily asbestos, even though I have a degree in engineering. I was always working in a hole… taking out asbestos from buildings, basements, manholes, and places like that. For the last five years on the job, I was an environmental trainer, teaching other people how to remove asbestos.

However, no matter how tough it got, we've always been able to stay focused on where we're going, because of the strength of the upline relationship; the emotional pull that Wayne and Suzanne provided for us – always wanting us to move on.

by: Wayne & Suzanne Callender, Diamond IBOs A dream come true was to climb those 8 steps ourselves a few years ago, and as exciting as it was, it still was not as great a feeling as doing it again to raise the hands of our “kids,” Orrett and Christine Channer. It was also a great feeling to continue that link, having our entire upline from Bill and Peggy Britt, to John and Jennie Belle Crowe, Jack and Magee Spencer, Chris and Judy Cherest, and Suzanne and myself, present to raise hands in triumph to the “Rocky” theme song.

The Channer's story will certainly inspire people all over the world, as they recount only the tip of some of their many struggles. The message Orrett delivered on “how to handle life and still stay productive,” let everyone know the victory is all worth it. This was certainly made apparent by the roar, smiles, and even tears of the crowd that gathered at the stage to applaud the new Britt Diamonds.