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Wayne & Suzanne Callender
Wayne & Suzanne Callender.jpg
Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Cherest, Chris & Judi

Most days, weather permitting, the first sound you'll hear as you approach Wayne and Suzanne's lovely home, is the rhythmic thumping of a tennis ball. Wayne is so passionate about tennis, that after looking at dozens of homes, the tennis court on this property is what sealed the deal. 'Suzanne and I got out of the car and walked into the yard first,' recalls Wayne. 'The minute I saw the court, I didn't even need to go inside!'

The focus Wayne brings to his tennis game, he also brings to his Quixtar business. He and Suzanne know exactly what it takes to build a successful independent business. 'I ask new people three questions,' says Wayne. 'What do they want out of this business? When do they want it? What are they willing to do or give up or delay to get it? The answer to number three tells me how serious they are about questions one and two.'

Wayne and Suzanne were willing to give up plenty to get their Quixtar business started. Wayne was born in Barbados, and moved to New York as a boy. Suzanne was born in Jamaica, and moved to the U.S. for a job in the airline industry, where she met Wayne. They both had successful, well-paying jobs with the airlines. However, they saw very little of each other. After they were married, they began to resent their hectic lifestyle, but both continued to work at the airlines, building seniority. Then came the day the airline sent letters warning employees of possible downsizing. Their first child had been born, and both of their jobs were in jeopardy. Suddenly, their new Quixtar business went from the back-burner, to the front.

When Wayne and Suzanne first saw the Quixtar business plan, they had not considered it as a full-time business. Now, they were taking a much closer look. Once they changed their focus to their Quixtar business, Wayne began to look at his job with a different perspective. He became more relaxed. 'My attitude changed completely,' he says. 'People would ask me, 'How come nothing bothers you?' It was because I knew I didn't have to work there for the rest of my life. I knew I had options.'

In their effort to secure a better future, Wayne and Suzanne began making sacrifices. All free time went toward their business. No TV. Few family outings. Much less tennis. Their big focus was on growing and building and connecting. 'We would meet people everywhere,' says Suzanne. 'in the park with our kids, at tennis tournaments, everywhere! From there, it was easy to turn that contact into an opportunity.'

Their persistence made it possible for Suzanne to quit her job, and later, Wayne was ready to leave the job scene as well. 'Before I retired from my job, my boss inquired about the business. I ended up sponsoring him!'

Many of the Callender's downline share their heritage, with a large number from the West Indies. 'There are many people who talk about inequality,' says Wayne. 'With the Quixtar business, you have an equal opportunity to be unequal.'

'The biggest challenge is seeing people lose their dreams,' says Suzanne. 'We know they could do it if they just believed in themselves.'

Wayne and Suzanne do a lot to keep the energy and excitement high in their group. They have an annual picnic for everyone, and an annual banquet for new Platinums, decked out in formal wear, and given the red-carpet treatment. 'We give them the special recognition they deserve,' Suzanne says with a smile.

Suzanne has also learned a lot about motivating from the stage. So shy at first, now she is totally within her comfort zone. 'She reads through her notes beforehand,' explains Wayne, 'but when she gets up there, she disregards them, and speaks from the heart. People love it.'

With business incentives such as trips to fabulous Peter Island, Hawaii, and other exciting destinations, 'We don't really need to take vacations anymore,' says Suzanne. 'With this business, we sort of live our lives in different spots!'

Wayne adds, 'In the corporate world, I wanted to climb the ladder to get to the top. Then, I saw the lifestyles the managers were living. I wanted more out of life, more family time.'

Today, family is the center of their lives. They are the parents of two teenage sons, Justin and Brandon, and 'Mr. Jason,' just three years old. For Suzanne, being home with her family is the best part of this business! Surrounded by their kids, uplifted by their downline, passionate about their business, this couple has never found a reason to look back!