Cherest, Chris & Judi

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Chris & Judi Cherest
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Spencer, Jack & Magee

Chris & Judy Cherest Diamond IBOs

When we saw this business, Judy and I were dating, with no thoughts beyond tomorrow, no commitments, and very few absolutes in the way of values. The world of average thinking had overcome the naive dreams of our youth. We had no money, absolutely no time for ourselves, and no true friends, just acquaintances.

What we found was a business of value, principle, an atmosphere that extolled the idea of reaching your potential, of determining your own self worth. This is a business with none of the downside risks and hassles of typical businesses, where we would have to constantly spend our time in damage control.

We got excited quickly, and with the confidence that comes with ignorance, we showed 150 people the business plan in the first six months before sponsoring our first couple. But, like Bill Britt says, we banged on the piano long enough that we learned how to play. We went Platinum, then Ruby, and then bought both our freedoms, all within three years, so that we could concentrate on going Emerald and Diamond.

Judy and I haven't worked for someone else in nearly 20 years. It's a great feeling to wake up when we want, spend our day with the people we've chosen to love most in life, and personally raise our three beautiful daughters - Kristen, Courtney, and Jennifer. We have NO debts, and we spend our time doing "family things," not "have to make a buck things." It is the great life... to do what you want, not what you have to do.

When Judy was stricken with a serious illness a while back, it was great to have the support of friends, the spiritual grounding we had learned, the financial stability, and the time to take care of her while she recuperated in the hospital and at home. This would not have been the case had we not gotten involved in our business, building ourselves and others while we could, so that the business we had created could take care of us when we couldn't.

Having the privilege of really owning yourself; of having the leisure time to get up when rested; spending an afternoon lying in a hammock; working out at the spa; playing golf or shopping with your buddies; having lunch with your spouse or friends; participating in sporting events; sharing important moments with your children; being on vacation your whole life; or just staying home and enjoying your 10-acre estate, complete with dream home, pool, beach volleyball court, and 1-mile go-cart/jogging track this is living.

We have what most of the world is searching for ' a life with meaning. We are excited about what we have been blessed with, but, more so, with the lives we will touch and the awesome vision that we will certainly realize in the future.