Beauchamp, James & Wendy

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James & Wendy Beauchamp
Pin: Diamond
Markets: Australia

Team MAK

LOS Upline: Light, Peter & Ginny

James & Wendy Beauchamp went Diamond in 2 years & 9 Months


“The only real challenge we faced in building this business was the fear we had of doing something different than what we were used to doing. As farmers we weren’t used to dealing with many people of a daily basis. Fortunately, the system was there to teach us how to overcome that,” explains James. What James and Wendy initially saw this business as a way to have control financially and be in a position where they were not controlled by the dairy farm.

The key to becoming successful at anything is to be able to plug into a proven system that is rich with other people’s experiences. “On the farm, every time I learnt from experience it cost me money. The great thing about Team Mak and all facets of the system is that we can avoid having to make the mistakes ourselves by learning from the successes of other people,” says James. “The system teaches you to take on advice from others that may know more than you. For example, I thought there was a fair chance that Bill Smart knows more than me since he’d already sold his cows and I was still milking mine!”

The most rewarding aspect of the success that they enjoy today is waking up in the morning and knowing that they are financially secure. They agree that the cars, the boats, and the travel are all great fun, but the best part is that they know what they did to build their own business – was definitely the right thing. “Financial freedom for us is not being controlled by the banks and the interest rates of the day!”

James and Wendy agree that even though they have been very successful in this business, they have only scratched the surface of what is achievable. As James elaborates, “We are nowhere near our potential yet. There are so many opportunities out there for people, it’s very exciting.” James sees that with our business is currently very well positioned in the marketplace, “We are so far advanced and in the box seat when it comes to creating communities through the use of new technologies.”