Yu Seng Kwong & Wai Ying

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Yu Seng Kwong & Wai Ying
Pin: Double Diamond [1]
Markets: Hong Kong


LOS Upline: unknown

aka 余晨光、陳惠英夫婦

source: Amway Hong Kong

In the world of Amway, people all address Yu Seng Kwong and Wai Ying as Uncle and Auntie no matter they know them or not. And indeed they are a respectable and admirable couple.

Auntie is a renowned cooking tutor. Her strong interest in cooking motivated her to join Amway - to purchase a Queen Cookware Set at Distributor Price. After joining Amway, she was impressed by its quality products which she later considered as a business opportunity. Using her expertise in cooking, she made considerable business by selling Queen cookware. By now, she is not only a good cooking tutor, but also an experienced beauty and health consultant.

"Amway is a reliable company with a fair business opportunity and a wide range of quality products. Amway staff and Distributors are helpful. They give me full support," said Uncle and Auntie.

With their children are now grown-ups, Uncle and Auntie could have retired from work and enjoyed life; but instead, they chose to continue developing their Amway business and involving in the community. That's because they believe in Amway's philosophy - helping people live better lives.


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