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Hi, thanks for the edits. However, please do not mix LOS with LOA. Gerloff is still downline from Shay (LOS), though he connects to N21 (LOA).--SP75 (talk) 12:55, 1 February 2016 (FET)

Gerloff's upline Diamond

From the Amway Amagrams:

Pat & Liz Shay are sponsoring DDs of Lloyd and Betty Carder (see the DD recognition of the Carders, Amagram Vol. 10, issue 3).
The Carders are sponsoring DDs of Harold and Freeda Murray of Florida (Amagram, Vol. 11, issue 2).
The Murrays are sponsoring DDs of Don and Margaret Gerloff (Amagram, Vol. 13, issue 3).
So, unless a LOS change took place in the past (which I do not assume), the upline Diamond is Shay.