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If they are Yager downline and not InterNET they shouldn't be listed here. The InterNET article should include InterNET affiliated Diamonds and above only. Yager downline can be listed on the Yager article. --IBOFightback 17:52, 8 March 2008 (CST)

A question - I have a copy of Profiles of Success from about the turn of the Centry. For those who not aware of it is the "all" the download diamonds and above from Dex and Birdie. This is clearly copywrite material. However can I summerise it with my own words and upload it? How close can it be to the original text? or can the original go in in quotes (doesn't make sense to but in large blocks that cannot be edited by anybody else though)? Thoughts please.... --Stickshark 02:32, 26 March 2008 (CDT)

At present I'm operating under the assumption that if the information is pro-Amway or any particular person and not copied as a whole for profit (eg reproducing the profiles and selling it) then we should be fine. Strictly speaking it would be a copyright violation, and if anyone complains it will obviously be removed immediately. So please, get as much up as you can! --IBOFightback 11:03, 27 April 2008 (CDT)

My earliest Yager profiles would be 1993 burgondy one and also a blue and white one. User:Caroline 30 mai 2008 (EST)

Canadian groups

InterNET tools but they run their own seminars.

=MDI - Michaels, Bishop et al =Downeast - SMV Global? - Serge Vallee =Armon marketing - Argyrius =INS - Reid

Yager LOS or InterNET LOA

This should be a list of folk who plug in to Yager InterNET services. At present it's a combined list of InterNET affiliated folk plus Yager downline. Yager downline can be listed on the Yager article, and affiliates here. AFAIK folk like Britt, Foley, Zhou, Ledbetter etc do not work significantly at all with InterNET. --IBOFightback 18:10, 25 July 2009 (UTC)

Britt, Foley, Ledbeter as a leader of their LOA working with InterNET. They only present their seminars under thier name. Lot of Yager downlines found, that no sure cut their organizations from Yager system. One of them was Britt. Many Years using only his BWW. After problems he come back to Yaeger a now working very closely. Second was Foley. After failure with ProNET is understand too.
In present time is not big different between eFinity and InterNET. Only BWW can by functional withou InterNET, because InterNET isn't only LOA. InterNET is a company. They making books, tapes, CD and other devices. Smaller LOA buing of them this devices and using in their LOA.
But I'm not sure with Zhou, Jack & Ying. --Dusyk 06:23, 28 July 2009 (UTC)
These guys all operate separate LOAs. In the US they're accredited separately. We do need a "definition" of what an LOA is though, and for countries without accreditation I think perhaps who puts on the seminars is the best. --IBOFightback 17:42, 29 July 2009 (UTC)
Can someone confirm that, for example, Tim Foley, Bill Britt, and Jody Victor use InterNET services? I don't think any of them do. This list should only be of people actually using and promoting Yager InterNET.--IBOFightback 16:04, 28 October 2009 (UTC)
Lot of IBO which going to big Dexter's functions meet Jody Victor and Tim Foley here. Last time say that, in the FEC 2009 in Pardubice, Roman & Gita Hassmann. Bill Britt? I do not know, but they are exchange they speakers between them what's wasn't recently. This can be confirmed only by USA ABO. Is very difficult check who actually use InterNET. The most of Yager's big pins and old Diamonds have their own small PDP, but still affiliated with Dexter. Someone was unplugged and later plugged to Dexter like Tim Foley. I tried to do list of diamonds which in past time used his system. Informations about unplugged diamonds are not published. The most of diamonds in list are inactive. I suggest the list can include people which, maybe not affiliated but in past time was affiliated. If they change LOA. They will be in more lists. It can be seen which LOA they used. That will be inform about they way to succes.--Dusyk 17:18, 28 October 2009 (UTC)
Speaking for an organisation does not mean you're a part of it. Louie Carillo had been speaking at N21 seminars for years but was not part of N21. If some Diamond or other has changed affiliations that can be noted in their page, but the LOA pages should be for listing currently affiliated Diamonds and above. If you really want to include "old" affiliated Diamonds then it should be in a separate list, otherwise it creates misconceptions about who is working with what. --IBOFightback 21:23, 28 October 2009 (UTC)
Tracking LOA affiliation is pretty difficult. Bill Britt for example has his own system (BWW), but in the Czech Republic, his group regularly attends seminars organized by InterNET and they are using some InterNET produced tapes/CDs and some BWW produced CDs. Also, the Hassmann's group in the Czech Republic is plugged to Setzer International but that very same group attends Free Enterprise Celebration which is organized by InterNET services. On the other hand, Dexter Yager is listed among BWW affiliated Diamonds in India. If we want to keep all the information accurate, we should state the LOA affiliation for each country, which is almost impossible to find out.--SP75 21:44, 28 October 2009 (UTC)