Storer, Ray & Betty

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Ray & Betty Storer
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Vest, Bob & Linda

"The business has given us a lifestyle that most people will only dream about."

"Earning a Ph.D. in marriage and family conseling helped Ray Storer prepare for a life of helping people, but he had little idea then of what the outreach would be. He is an ordained minister, pastor of a church in Ohio and a former school principal. Betty worked in banking and is an accomplished pianist and organist. Friends showed them the possibilities of the business, and before long they were off and running. "My goal was pretty small at first," Betty recalls. "I wanted to earn $100 so I could travel to see my family without breaking our budget. Ray really liked the people in the business and enjoyed being around them." Soon the small goals gave way to bigger ones, and now there is time and money for other things. Ray is a skilled potter and woodworker and enjoys his crafts. They enjoy sailing, and raise cattle on their farm. "Now we can act in a tangible way to meet the needs of deserving people and causes," says Ray. "These were things we could only think about before."