Vest, Bob & Linda

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Bob & Linda Vest
Pin: Double Diamond
Markets: United States

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Elias, Ted & Shirley

"We would always leave home the day after Christmas and follow the sun"

Bob Vest approached this business in the pragmatic way of an engineer: "It looked too good to ignore." His work as a product development specialist for major corporations provided a good income for the family, yet he and Linda felt "boxed in." "We realized we had no real chance for personal freedom," he recalls. "But when we investigated this business, even though we didn't understand its real potential, we asked ourselves 'What if we didn't do it and it really worked?' You might say that fear of missing out was the initial incentive. But soon we saw financial options. Our business has allowed us to enjoy a great life, and not just a good living. From a very early age our daughters have had not only a mom but also a dad. They've constantly been around people who know the importance of positive attitudes, of setting goals, and helping others."