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Daniel & Theresa Ng
Ng Daniel & Theresa.jpg
Pin: Triple Diamond [1]
Markets: Hong Kong


LOS Upline: Hicks, Jerry & Trish
Notes:First Asian Double Diamond (1981)[2]

aka 吳華權、麥麗貞夫婦

source: Amway Hong Kong

When Daniel started, he gave Amway an objective analysis and he very soon realised that it was a golden opportunity. That was in the mid-70s. In 32 months, he reached Double Diamond Distributorship, the first in Asia. When interviewed by famous writer Paul Conn (who was writing his book Possible Dream), Daniel explained that the key to his success lay in his vision.

Before that, Daniel had already had access to many other opportunities. Graduated from a renowned secondary school, he was a high-profile executive in a multi-national company with a priority to further his studies. In pursuing the renowned travel certificate, ASTA, for example, Daniel was one of the best in the world. He travelled a great deal - one factor that explained why he correctly recognised and seized the Amway opportunity later on. A career he has embraced since then.

"Long-term financial security is a prime reason why we appreciate Amway so much," said Theresa, "and what we now enjoy can be passed on to our children." "Amway is the best direct selling company that provides full support to Distributors. Whenever I meet a new employee or Distributor, I'd say Amway is the best company," Daniel added.

"An eagle can look very far. Once it identifies a target, it will wait for the right time to capture it. Like an eagle, we should look ahead with a vision to strive for a better future, and build for your family and yourself a bright-lit path," summed up Daniel.

Success Story

When Amway Hong Kong was first established, Daniel was a senior executive in a US-based company. He longed for financial freedom and Amway offered the opportunity. When he was introduced to the Amway business plan in Los Angeles, USA, Daniel started to analyze it and discovered many extraordinary advantages Amway offered, such as time autonomy, fair reward, low risk and long-term protection, etc. He believed such an excellent opportunity which was successful in the US should also work in Hong Kong. "A marvelous thing about the Amway business is once you have successfully set up your own business, you will receive a residual and continuous income even when you are away from Hong Kong, and the pace of developing the business is totally up to you. I used 32 months to build up my foundation systematically with self-discipline and diligence. It was much easier afterwards. My days in Amway could be described as rewarding and relaxing," said Daniel.

"My wife and I have been invited to join Amway's travel seminars for over 100 times and we still receive income after returning from the trips. What a wonderful business it is! Another motivation for us to develop the Amway business is the succession of the business. We can pass down our Amway business together with the Amway spirit and the support from our friends to our next generation, and their generations to come."

To be a successful leader, Daniel thinks that one has to think ahead, take actions ahead and lead ahead, that is to say, you have to grasp the opportunity before others start to think about it; you have to take actions while others are still considering it; and you do not just move on alone, you have to lead others who have the same target to work together and build a greater team and head for a bigger success.


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