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MarkerMan Productions
Launch:  ?
Leaders: Jody Victor
Countries: Australia, United States, Greece
Notes: none

MMP or MarkerMan productions is an organization providing Professional Development Programs to Amway and Quixtar IBOs.


MMP Team Building Strategy: Participation in the MMP Team Building Strategy approach to building a business powered by Quixtar is strictly voluntary. MMP utilizes long-term vision, delayed gratification (short-term income is smaller focusing on depth more than width ), and utilize the power of compounding (depth is intended to create duplication and long-term results). MMP focuses in part on building depth in the sponsoring process. The use of this methodology, while somewhat different from how other IBOs may promote building a business, does not alter how PV/BV are calculated or how bonuses are paid by Quixtar through the IBO Plan .

Apprenticeship Team : Independent Business Owners collectively working with a leader skilled in the MMP Team Strategy, to correctly learn and apply the strategy by building the Apprenticeship leg.

Partnership Team : An Independent Business Owner, skilled in the MMP Team Strategy as a result of having built an Apprenticeship leg, now able to apply the strategy by themselves.

MMP is growing rapidly in Australia, spearheaded by young Founders Platinums Richard & Kathy Boothby and new Platinums in their group, Carl & Megan Dermott.


This list of pin winners is from the MarkerMan Production LOA and does not necessarily reflect all currently qualified/non-qualified pins or international pins (viz. outside North America).

Crown Direct

Dutt, Jody & Gina
Victor, Jody & Kathy


Garry & Kimberley Coles
Bob & Sue Covino
Jeff & Elicia Fine
Bob & Jan Fraumann
Ron & Diane Goldman
Greg & Pat Howard
Craig & Jaynie Hudgell
Frank & Sandy Kessler
Bill & Jan Newton
Elwyn & Dottie Owen

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