Liu Ding Yu & Chao Chun-Pu

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Liu Ding Yu & Chao Chun-Pu
Pin: Double Diamond (2015)
Markets: Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Amway UK & ROI

The Plum BlossomUltra Group

LOS Upline: Barry Chi & Holly Chen, Lee Kim Soon & Kwee Choo(int.)



Ding Yu is the youngest son of the FAA70 Double Crown Ambassador Barry Chi & Holly Chen. In Singapore, He achieved his Diamond pin in 2010 and became the first ever Executive Diamond in Singapore in 2012 .

Liu Ding Yu was an entrepreneur who enjoyed reasonable success as a conventional business owner helping other entrepreneurs develop successful IT businesses and franchise. Chao Chun-Pu’s corporate career was also just as flourishing, having attained a senior position as a deputy in-flight supervisor for a premium airline. Influenced by his mother’s success in the AMWAY business, the globetrotting couple decided to focus and build the AMWAY business. They started their AMWAY Singapore business in 2003 and have not looked back since. Despite many challenges, they managed to achieve their Diamond Direct Distributorship in July 2010. They steadily continued their climb in the AMWAY business and were eventually rewarded as Singapore’s FIRST Executive Diamond Direct Distributors and the current highest pin in July 2012. Not only did they build a thriving AMWAY business and expanded their professional circle, this successful couple has also made friends from all walks of life. Their goal is for their AMWAY business to stay in their family for many generations to come.

Chronology of Achievements

??/2006 Signed up
??/2006 Platinum
??/2007 Founders Sapphire
??/2010 Founders Emerald
07/2010 Diamond
07/2012 Executive Diamond
2015 Double Diamond



劉定宇曾是一位投入傳統事業並獲得不俗成就的企業家,他幫助了其他企業家建立成功的資訊科技生意和特許經營事業。而趙君璞的事業也發展不俗,她曾在一家知名航空公司擔任資深職務即副座艙長。由于深受母親在安利事業所獲成就的影響,這對走遍世界的夫妻決定專 注發展安利事業。他們在2003年開始發展安利新加坡的事業,自此不曾后悔過。在重重挑戰下,他們還是成功在2010年7月達到鑽石直系直銷商階級。其后,他們繼續在安利事業裡穩定地耕耘,而皇天不負有心人,他們終于在2012年7月榮登新加坡首位執行鑽石直系直銷商的寶座,也是目前最高的獎銜。他們不但建立了一門成功的安利事業,也成功擴展了他們的專業社交圈子;這對成就非凡的夫妻成功結識了來自各階層的朋友。他們的目標是把他們的安利事業代代相傳。


??/2006 加入
??/2006 白金直系
??/2007 创办人蓝宝石
??/2010 创办人翡翠
07/2010 钻石
07/2012 执行钻石