The Plum Blossom

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The Plum Blossom refers to the Line of Sponsorship (LOS) under Barry Chi & Holly Chen, Double Crown Ambassadors from Taiwan. It is possibly the largest Amway organisation amongst the Chinese, as it is closely married to the Ultra Group in China, under former Taiwanese Speaker of the House, Wang Chi Gong. (超凡)

Holly and Wang were schoolmates, and their lives went different directions when Holly became a teacher, while Wang pursued a career in politics. After accepting the Amway business and being sponsored by Holly, Wang authored a book entitled, "Financial Freedom Forever" and led the team into China. Holly herself is sponsored under Wang in their new market and they have created the Amway China miracle hand in hand.

Together with Ultimate Crown Ambassadors Mueller-Meerkatz, Peter & Eva Germany, Kaoru Nakajima (Double Crown Ambassadors, Japan) and Leonard and Esther (100 Plus Crown Ambassadors, Korea), Holly formed the TOP 4 Founders Dream Team alliance, with an annual function attended by tens of thousands of IBOs from around the world. This seminar would be held in a different country each year. The Plum Blossom is an indispensable part of this exciting venture.


A non-exhaustive list of Diamond and above qualifiers The organization has 20 Crown Ambassadors and 2000 Diamonds.

Double Crown Ambassador

Barry Chi & Holly Chen - Founders Crown Ambassador 70 FAA in China(2009) also Double Crown Ambassador in Taiwan(2003)

Founders Crown Ambassador

Han Shi Rong, Founders Crown Ambassador 40 FAA, China
Wu Yi & Xiong Shi Xiang, Founders Crown Ambassador, China
Zhou Fan Yang & Zheng Xin Qing, Founders Crown Ambassador 50 FAA, China

Crown Ambassador

Chin Nai Kang & Wang Shu Chen - 1994,Taiwan
Hong, Liu & Jin, Di, China
Tu Yung Sung & Hwang Yu Yan - 2001, Taiwan
Zhong Yi Hong & He Jing - 2010, Taiwan
Yang Guan Yi & Zheng Jia Hua - 2011, Taiwan

Triple Diamond

Liu Te Pei & Jin Mei, China

Double Diamond

Executive Diamond


Liu Ding Yu & Chao Chun-Pu, Singapore