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Amway Scandinavia launched on 1 July 1999 with the opening of Amway Denmark, Amway Finland (including Åland Islands), Amway Sweden, and Amway Norway.

On January 17, 2005 Amway Scandinavia extended its services to the Danish Autonomous region of the Faroe Islands

The Scandinavian branch is headquartered in Copenhagen, but local offices are located in all regions. Amway Scandinavia was the first branch opened with four individual markets (Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway), but a single line of sponsorship. This allows ABOs run their Amway business across national borders in Scandinavia with only one business registered.

Facts and figures

  • 30,000 ABOs (2012)
  • 35 employees at headquarters and local offices. (2012)
  • member of the national direct selling associations throughout Scandinavia.


The European regional distribution center in Venlo, Holland, dispatching and sends orders to Scandinavia.

The center also serves 15 other European Amway affiliates.

Each year shipment and sent over 20 million products from distribution center.