Zupet, Maja & Jaroslava

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Maja & Jaroslava Zupet
Pin: Diamond (2008)
Markets: Slovenia

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Cox, Peter & Debbie

Maja Zupet is a Slovenian sports journalist who built a diamond Amway business with her mother, Jarsi. As Jarsi believes in the importance of education, she sent her children to study abroad. After Maja's return from her studies in Canada, she worked both in their family's company and for the TV. The Amway business helped her reach work/life balance and allowed her mother to make her dream come true - finally have a chance to travel the world. Maja overflows with energy and has an energizing influence on her audiences and together with her mother serves as a wonderful example of a brilliant family team.


Diamond August 2008