Zeenath Beevi M & Nahas M

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Zeenath Beevi M & Nahas M
Zeenath Beevi M & Nahas M.jpg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India

Winners International, Team one

LOS Upline: Nair, Bindu & Sajeev

Termination from Amway

Now Terminated from Amway

Success Story

M.Nahas and Zeenath.M

Central Govt employee and State Govt employee

We are Post Graduates in Science and I was working with a Central Govt Dept and Zeenath was working with a State Govt Dept on a supervisory cadre. We are blessed with two twin daughters; Sabna and Sajna, who are now studying for Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Science in Mangalore. When one of my colleagues introduced me to Amway during 1998, I could not believe its income potential. Few months later, my co-brother (who is settled in Malaysia) convinced me about the credibility of Amway, which is operating in Malaysia since 1976. He told me that “Even if you resign the Govt job and do Amway I will appreciate you”! I then took a decision and signed up with Amway business. As we were both in the Govt job drawing good salary, we could not find enough reasons to build Amway business seriously. But frequent transfers in our job and shifting residence had affected our children’s education. The severe pressure and tensions from the job and the lack of freedom also influenced us to seriously build Amway business. We started doing Amway business just to make an additional income, on a part time basis without affecting our jobs, till we qualified Platinums and two ALS (foreign) trips. Our major challenge was that we didn’t get enough time to invest into business, because of our hectic schedules. But Zeenath took charge of all our domestic affairs and made me free to build the business. Later on Zeenath also took part in the main stream business by sharing the world class products with people. During the 2002 ALS, we realised that had we continued with our jobs we would have never been able to enjoy all these. We came back to India and both of us quit our Government jobs took up Amway business as our career! We gifted Amway business ownership to our daughters as their 18th birthday gift and now they have Platinums in their group. We are greatly inspired by our loving upline mentors, Sajeev Nair and Bindu and their mission and values in life. Through Amway business we could move from a Scooter to an A/c car (Fiat Uno) in two years, when we qualified as Platinums, and then to Indigo Marina in 4 years when we qualified as Founders Platinum, and then to VoksWagon Jetta when we qualified Diamonds.