Yung, Tony & Elaine

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aka Yung Tsz Ming & Yim Ling aka 容子明、伍艷玲夫婦

Yung, Tony & Elaine
Yung Tsz Ming & Yim Ling.jpg
Pin: Double Diamond
Markets: Hong Kong


LOS Upline:

Being positive and adventurous, Elaine likes to try different things, hoping to broaden her vision. She once worked as a clerk and later started her own business before joining Amway. Elaine understands the importance of being competitive, so she insists on upgrading herself during her spare time. After giving birth to her son, she quitted her job to take care of her family, but once her son started attending school, she began to look for a job again. During the time, she was invited to an Amway seminar by a friend and realized the potential and flexibility of the business. That was the start of her Amway business.

Tony was a newspaper editor who could not see the future of his career, and that prompted him to think about setting up his own business. Witnessing the success of his wife in the Amway business, Tony began to realize that Amway provides the perfect platform to help people achieve success. He finally decided to quit his job and started developing the Amway business with his wife.

After years of effort, Elaine and Tony acquired real business acumen and strategic skills in building a successful Amway business. Making the right choice and sticking to their plan is the key to their success. "Thanks to Amway, we have achieved our goals. We have earned enough to buy our dream house, provide our son with a good education, and travel around the world. Besides having a good quality of life, we are also enjoying an autonomous lifestyle, not to mention th