Wright, Bill

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Bill Wright
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Nardone, Angelo & Claudia LOA

At the time we were shown the marketing plan, we had no idea that we needed to find another way to fulfill our dreams and aspirations for ourselves and our children. Even though we were walking around smelling good and looking good, we were broke. We had bought into the American dream.

We really believed we were on the right path to obtaining our financial security. We believed that our success and happiness would come by getting as many college degrees as possible.

When we met and fell in love, I was a sophomore in high school and Bill was a freshman in college. We became engaged two years later, and dropped out of college. Within three years, we had three children. We were determined not to lose sight of our dreams and believed that detours should not be our stoplights in life.

Once our children were old enough to begin school, we both went back to college. Before we knew it, we were graduating with a doctorate and a master's degree. Our three children were close on our heels. We had done a great job convincing them of the importance of a college education. We were proud of our accomplishments, but there was still no cash flow. About this time, we were beginning to feel some desperation. Fortunately for us, we were shown a marketing plan, and we got excited. We had no doubts about our ability to make this business work. Within the first two years, we had achieved our first goal. Thanks to this business, we were able to have our three children in college at the same time. We never had to take out any loans, and they don't owe anyone. Because of the freedom this business affords, Bill has been able to train three to four hours a day in pursuit of his goal to compete in the Track & Field Master Senior Games. He runs the 60, 100, and 200-meter dash. As we strive for higher levels in the business, our guiding light is taken from Matthew 6:31-33.