Wenzel, Bill & Marilyn

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Bill & Marilyn Wenzel
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline:
Website: http://www.clsinternational.net

When first introduced the the concept of network distribution, many people see magic circles and dollar signs -- Marilyn saw airline tickets.

With children on both coasts and one overseas, Marilyn had decided to give up teaching to have more time to travel. But when she stopped teaching, she also found that she had less money to travel. She joined the business, "On faith of my sponsor and my husband."

Now the Wenzel's travel wherever they choose. They have both the time and the money to visit their children and grandchildren. Bill, a former insurance executive, says that he had always, "Worked the fifty-week plan. I worked all year for two weeks of vacation."

Bill and Marilyn, "No longer have just two weeks of vacation. We're free to be with the kids, enjoy our home, take care of our family responsibilities and work for our church. It's a great lifestyle!"