Wallace, Bill & Kay

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Bill & Kay Wallace
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Britt, Bill & Peggy

Thirty years ago, Bill Wallace owned a successful tire sales and recapping company, and Kay was a registered nurse. Bill wasn't excited about Kay's 'new business' at first, so Kay began alone. Within one year, Kay had reached the Ruby level, and Bill became excited! He closed his tire company and together they built their business.

In May of 1980, Bill woke up one morning, totally paralyzed on his left side. After brain surgery and months of hospitalization, Bill was released to recover on his own.

'The security in this business can't be matched,' says Kay. 'Our business and income kept growing, and in July 1981, we qualified as Diamond IBOs. We are enjoying financial security, personal freedom, and a wonderful lifestyle. One of our greatest dreams came true in 1991, when our daughter and son-in-law qualified as Platinum. Another son runs our office, and we look forward to his building the business, also.'

Although Bill's health issues are an ongoing challenge, Bill and Kay still have the same dream of traveling the world with their friends and family!

Having one Diamond in India Amarpreet & Sheena Chawla in there organisation.