Vladarz, Uwe & Jana

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Uwe & Jana Vladarz
Jana & Uwe Vladarz.jpg
Pin: Diamond (1995)
Markets: Czech Republic

Schwarz Organisation

LOS Upline:

You are what you think.

Our dream was taking our life into our own hands, without letting someone else decide what and how much we are entitled to. We were motivated by the idea of earning much and building this business unlimitedly on a long term basis with a relatively little time investment. That was the reason for both of us to say “yes” to the chance with Amway and to begin something completely new for us.

Today a lot of our dreams of a beautiful house, cars and travels have become reality. Together with our two children we will continue to go the way to freedom. Realizing the chance that we also can reach the highest qualifications, we are active then never before.

We wish to accompany still a lot of people on their way to freedom and independence. With our business we want to build up a family dynasty and with our example we want to motivate other families to an extraordinary lifestyle. Unlimited opportunities open up to everyone that understands this principle.