Vinod N Kumar & Rajalekshmi J

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Vinod N Kumar & Rajalekshmi J
Vinod Kumar &raj Lakshmi big.jpg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India

Winners International,Team one

LOS Upline: Nair, Bindu & Sajeev

Termination from Amway

Now Terminated from Amway

Success Story

Vinod Kumar & Raji

MNC EXecutive & Lecturer

I was born in a middle class family. During school days my dream was to become a high-fly corporate executive. My dream got fulfilled, after finishing Masters degree in Management I got into a best MNC as an executive. I worked very hard and became the best employee in the company in just 1year. At that time I was shown the Amway opportunity by one of my family friends. Though I joined, I didn’t start.

Years passed by and I started feeling the real tension of being in good position in MNC, still I was enjoying it. There were many occasions where I felt absolute insecurity in the job. At that time, fortunately for me, my upline Mr. Sajeev Nair invited for a meeting where I got moved and decided to do this business. I was really impressed by the Quality and Size of Amway and the real long term potential of the opportunity. I like the concept of On-going Secure income and royal recognitions. With the help of my family, uplines and the incredible support of TeamOne I went silver in just 6 months.

At that time I married Rajalekshmi, who was working as a Junior Lecturer. The best thing was that she was open minded and optimistic. She also attended TeamOne meetings and started supporting me. Both of us were working in different places and doing it part time. Through TeamOne CD’s and Books we started thinking differently and started setting big Dreams and Goals. We realized that through Amway Business, we can get into to Millionaire class. Amway’s platinum forum in Delhi was an eye opener to us where we saw the true potential of the business and decided to become fulltime professional Amway Business Owners.

We started to spread the founding principles of Amway like Freedom, Family ,Hope and Rewards. The Association with our upline mentors really helped us to grow bigger.

Now, by God’s grace, we got a huge organization spread across the country having many crores of rupees turnover, which is growing every day. We got a highly productive and professional team with lot of Platinum, Emerald & Diamonds. Presently we enjoy extra-ordinary lifestyle through Amway business. Ongoing Income, Many international trip every year and Friends around the globe are few of the many achievements we enjoy from this business . We truly believe that this business is a true intervention of God in our lives to make us Rich in every sense.

Through this business we realized that we can live a dream life and there is absolutely no limits for what we can achieve. As Money and Time come together in this business we are truly enjoying our life and giving the best to our daughter Bhagya