Vemu, Srinivas & Sheela

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Srinivas & Sheela Vemu
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Desai, Kulin & Mina

In our lifetime, we will never forget FED 2006. As the tune, “Rocky,” began playing, we were called to come up onstage. We can vividly remember the moment of truth – our hands being raised by our upline, Kulin and Mina; Kanti and Lata; and Bill and Peggy. We visualized this moment for many years. Even today, we can close our eyes and still see the thousands and thousands of excited IBOs cheering for us that night.

Our upline mentors, Diamonds Kulin and Mina Desai, led us through an incredible journey. We want to thank them for their tremendous support and mentorship. What we have accomplished so far in our business is because of their guidance. We also want to thank our team for their friendship and loyalty, and for an incredible year of outstanding growth. Just a couple of years ago, we were at 4000 PV, wondering if we would ever go Diamond. To move from 4000 PV to Emerald last year, and to Diamond this year, was a true test of belief and faith. We certainly could not have done this alone.

It was also exciting to have our two children, Vijay and Pooja on stage with us at the Philadelphia FED. It was a proud moment for us as parents to see our children get the recognition, as they had paid the price for us to succeed.

As Bill Britt always says, “The best is yet to come.” We are looking forward to raising the hands of our team of warriors on the FED stages across the world for years to come, welcoming them to Diamond Club!

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