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David Cannon
With my wife and son, 2002
~Personal Details~
Full name: David John Deane Cannon
Date of birth: November 17, 1965
Hometown: Raumati, on New Zealand's Kapiti Coast
Wife: Yeon-Kyung (Mary) Jung (since 18 November 1995); one son, Richard (born 14 October 1996)
Religion: Born-again Christian
Politics: Centre-right (political compass)
~Professional Details~
Occupations: Amway IBO, language tutor, international homestay consultant
IBO Number: 1075624
Line of Affiliation: Network TwentyOne
Upline Platinum: Yongsook Kim
Upline Diamonds:

There are now 3,230 articles in the Amway Wiki, of which 3 are mostly my own work.

I am an IBO, recently registered in New Zealand. I am downline from Triple Diamond Tony Henderson, Diamond Murray Hogg, and Elizabeth Park, an Executive Diamond in Korea. I am affiliated to both Network TwentyOne and Worldwide Dreambuilders (Korea). I am being coached by a Korean team led by Jennie Park, Elizabeth Park's daughter. Davidcannon 13:04, 21 June 2008 (UTC)

There are currently 3,230 articles in this wiki.

I have long been active on Wikipedia, so I am familiar with how the software works. The templates on this page are copied from my Wikipedia user page; I am in the process of customizing them for Amwaywiki.

Mission statement

What I need to believe in to be a successful business builder

I wrote most of this in my diary on 19 June, 2008, after thinking and praying about my course of action. With minimal modifications, what I wrote then is reprinted below.

1. Believe in God: Unless I believe in God and have faith in his call on my life, I'm going to fail. Unless I submit myself to God, listen to his voice - which may come directly or through others - I cannot make it. I need God's blessing to build this business, a blessing I will covet more than almost anything in my life.

2. Believe in Amway: I will not be one of those stealth operators who camouflage their Amway affiliation. I will take pride in the business founded by Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos, and their vision will be my vision.

3. Believe in the products: To sell something, I have to believe in it. Our products are as good as any and superior to most, with competitive prices. To be a believer in our products is to be a user: as my old stock runs out, I will ruthlessly replace all possible items with Amway products. If I don't believe in my own business, no one else will.

4. Believe in my uplines: The principle of honouring parents is applicable to other mentors God has put in my life, including in this business. I think God for my uplines : Yong-ho Lee, who gave me another chance knowing that I failed before, James, Jin-Wan, and Jennie Park- people who are sacrificing time and energy to train and empower me to build this business. I will make it worth their while! I will listen to them and be accountable to them, and endeavour to put into practice what they teach me. I will not try to reinvent the wheel.

5. Believe in Network TwentyOne and Worldwide Dreambuilders: I am privileged to be part of two enormously successful networks, whose collective wisdom is mine for the taking. I will be a team player and endeavour to play a full part in the network, circumstances permitting. I am fortunate to be under the leadership of such successful people as Murray Hogg and Tony Henderson in New Zealand, Elizabeth Park in Korea, and Jim Dornan in the United States. I will follow them.

6. Believe in my downlines: I will believe in my downlines as my uplines have believed in me, and will invest time and energy to build their businesses and make their dreams come true. I will expect the best from them, and will go the second mile to empower them to achieve their best.

7. Believe in the networking system of making money: It is impossible, in this business, to prosper without empowering others to prosper. I cannot make my dreams come true without enabling others' dreams to come true. By helping my downlines to accomplish their dreams, I will accomplish mine, and in accomplishing mine, I will help my uplines to accomplish theirs.

8. Believe in my clients: I believe that consumers are not naïve or stupid. They are discerning people who want value for money and who both want and deserve better choices than what they currently know about.

9. Last but not least, believe in myself: I can do it, and I will! Yes, I know, many people in Amway fail - and I did before. But now is different. God has called me. If I don't have what it takes, I'll fast and pray and receive it from the Lord. With God's blessing, I know I can do it. I have already proved it in another field: extremely few people have been as successful as I have at private tutoring - in fact I have not met a single one who has been able to make a full time career out of it for the best part of two decades, as I have. Not one. I have proved that when God blesses me - even if I don't deserve it - I can win even if nobody else does. The difference is that with Amway, I will not be winning only for myself, but will be empowering others to win also. I owe it to them.

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