Avelsgaard, Tom & Caryn

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Tom & Caryn Avelsgaard
Pin: Diamond
Markets: Australia


LOS Upline: Gulick, Bert & Jackie
Tom & Caryn Avelsgaard are teachers from Victoria who joined Amway in August 1981. They were introduced to Amway whilst travelling in the USA and joined up under Bert & Terri Gulick's organisation. On return to Australia they were foster sponsored in an existing LOS. In 1990 they achieved the Diamond level in Amway (9 years). The Avelsgaards were the head of the Avelsgaard LOS and were the leaders of IDA in Australia up until their retirement from Amway in 2008. Bert and Jacki Gulick are now the sole leaders of IDA in Australia.

As of 2008 it would appear that Tom and Caryn are active in New Horizons Assembly of God church in Whittlesea which is a community outside of Melbourne Australia.

Tom & Caryn also moved to MonaVie along with the Chathams and are no longer Amway Distributors.

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