Brier-Mills, Peter & Cathie

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Peter & Cathie Brier-Mills
Pin: Diamond
Markets: Australia


LOS Upline: Sword, Malcom & Christina

Peter and Cathie met at Peters work in the Financial Planning Business in Brisbane. Peter had been to teachers college and then Jackerooing in the “gulf” and then to the insurance industry.Cathie came from her English parents home in New Zealand to Brisbane with the view of travelling on to the UK. They married in 1980 and have four daughters, now aged 28, 26, 22 and 20.

They saw the Amway Business in November 1992, and reached the Silver Pin in March of 1993. Platinum in December 1993, Ruby March of 1994. Emerald 1996 and then Diamond in 1998 where they celebrated their achievement with all their girls in Disneyland at one of the Amway Achiever’s Trips.

They currently live in Brisbane, but are establishing a farm at Tenterfield NSW, with rolling green hills, fat cows and a homestead under construction. A perfect retreat.

They have been full time in the business since 1994; and continue to enjoy its many benefits.