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Here is an example of how to use this template in an article -

{{Infobox Person|
|name=Jim & Nancy Dornan
|image= http://www.quixtar.com/Images/IWOV/VIS/010-en/IBO%20Support/Recogition/Dornan_story1.jpg
|pin= [[Founders Crown Ambassador]] <br> with [[40 FAA]] - 2006
|markets=[[United States]], [[Australia]], [[South Africa]], [[Sweden]]
|loa=[[Network TwentyOne]] ([[N21]])
|updiamond=[[Johnny & Jo Edwin]] (EDC)
|website= http://www.n21corp.com
|footnotes=Founders of [[Network TwentyOne]]

This produces the following output -

Jim & Nancy Dornan
Pin: Founders Crown Ambassador
with 40 FAA - 2006
Markets: United States, Australia, South Africa, Sweden

Network TwentyOne (N21)

LOS Upline: Johnny & Jo Edwin (EDC)
Website: http://www.n21corp.com
Notes:Founders of Network TwentyOne