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George & Eleanor Teitsma
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: JaRi

from LifeStoryNet

In 1950, Eleanor began selling Nutrilite food supplement products, distributing for the company that would eventually become Amway Corporation. When Amway incorporated in 1958, George quit his job with the postal service and joined the Amway distributorship full-time, doing the office work while Eleanor did the selling and recruitment. They made a great team and enjoyed spending so much of their time together. The family traveled across the country in their Airstream travel trailer for business and pleasure, and the three of them enjoyed countless hours together. When Larry was grown and he and his wife Anne were traveling in Europe, Eleanor joined them and always fondly remembered her travels there.

Eleanor was a talented, enthusiastic businesswoman and was responsible for recruiting distributors all over the country. After a speech she gave at an Amway convention in Chicago, she received a warm, enthusiastic applause from an audience of over 5000 people, even though she talked beyond the established time limit. She and George were proud and thankful to attain the level of Diamond Distributor. Their greatest pride and joy, however, was found in their family. When Eleanor learned that she was going to be a grandmother, she was thrilled. She cherished every hug, smile, and giggle from her three grandbabies and was excited to watch them grow and learn.

In 2005, Eleanor suffered a stroke that left her partially paralyzed, requiring her to move into an assisted care facility. She passed away from complications of that stroke on Friday, June 16, 2006.

Eleanor is survived by her husband, George, her children, Dr. Larry and Anne Teitsma, her grandchildren, Nathan, Marc and Denise, and David, her brother-in-law and sisters-in-law, Ray VanTuinen, Lucille DeVries, Tress DeVries, and Pearl Vander Molen, and many nieces and nephews.