Team In Focus

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Team in Focus
Launch: 2000
Leaders: various
Countries: United States
Notes: ceased operations in 2002
Team in Focus or TIF was a collection of Diamonds originally including Bo Short, Andy Andrews and others.

In April, 2002 after a dispute over TIF's introduction of an MLM scheme to distribute "tool profits", Quixtar terminated the Quixtar IBOships of Andy & Polly Andrews, Mike & Lynn Jakubik and John & Pat Terhune. Gerry & Sharon Betterman, Gayle Collinsworth, and Ron & Melanie Rummel were reportedly also terminated, and 15 remaining Diamonds resigned. Cal & Jackie Thurlby elected to remain with Quixtar. Bo and Sandy Short were part of the original Team In Focus group, but they resigned both TIF and their Quixtar distributorship in October, 2001.

Bo Short went on to start a competitive MLM called Passport, but later merged it's associates with another MLM, Oasis Life Sciences, which later became Univera Life Sciences. Bo is also a speaker for organizations. Bo appeared on a Dateline NBC show critical of Quixtar.

After leaving Quixtar, former comedian Andy Andrews went on to a highly successful career writing, speaking and television appearances.

Several other former TIF diamonds are reportedly with Univera Life Sciences. Other's continued with a Team In Focus "LifeStyle Development Community" which later became Vitalife Networks.


Executive Diamond

Douglas, Marshall & Diana


Andrews, Andy & Polly
Betterman, Gerry
Cassens, Doug & Julie
Collinsworth, Mike & Gayle
Haagen, John & Susan
Hellinghausen, Marc & Shelli
Jakubik, Mike & Lynn
Joye, Barry & Luronda
Lewis, Adrian & Sue
Maxwell, Rick & Eve
Parks, Bryan & Roxanne
Plauck, Dennis & Lori
Rainsberger, Todd & Brenda
Rummel, Ron & Melanie
Short, Bo & Sandy
Terhune, John & Pat
Thurlby, Cal & Jackie
Zecher, Frank & Dawana