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Terry & Lorri Taylor
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Pin: Diamond
Markets: US


LOS Upline: Paul & Leslie Miller

Terry & Lorri Taylor are Diamonds from Harrisburg, VA affiliated with LTD. They qualified Emerald in 1983, and Diamond in 1984. They have since re-qualified at the Diamond level in 2008.

The Taylor's sons Dirk, Dillon, and Bryant, are growing businesses in their parent's downline.

She was the Homecoming Queen and he was captain of the football team. It was their sophomore year at the University of North Carolina, and this handsome couple was on top of the world. The present was fantastic and the future looked even brighter!

"After graduation," recalls Terry, "I played for the World Football League. When an injury ended my career, we had to decide on a new course for our lives. Confused, we both headed back to school, where Lorri took a job at the university and I enrolled in graduate school. I was coaching the UNC freshman football team when I met Paul Miller, who was in law school there.

"At that time," continues Terry, "we were only bringing home $300.00 a month, our rent was $128.00 a month, we were driving a van worth $300.00, and Paul invited us to see the ‘plan.' We didn't know what this involved, but if it involved spending any money at all, we simply could not participate. Well, we checked it out, and were both immediately excited. Lorri totally recognized the potential for a very successful business, but not having quite her level of confidence in myself, I saw a way I could make an extra $75.00 or so a month."

Thus, their journey began. Terry and Lorri reached the Platinum level in two years, Sapphire in five, and Diamond in eight years. "We did not grow fast," says Terry, "but we have learned that when you grow, no one asks or cares how long it took you to get there."

No one asks, because in this business, there is respect for the individual and their individual needs. Some IBOs are determined to break the sound barrier with their success, and others have a need to keep more balance in their lives and make the transition more gradually. Whether it takes two years, ten, or twenty, the goal is the same. And even though no one asked, Terry and Lorri certainly had their share of "life" to deal with along the way.

"On the way to Diamond," says Terry, "we had four sons, found out our firstborn had cerebral palsy, moved seven times, changed jobs nine times, lost a brother to cancer, Lorri's father to a heart attack, four grandparents died, and I worked with Paul Miller as Peggy Britt's product boy.

"On the way to Diamond, we strengthened our marriage, developed lifelong friendships, travelled all over the world, became financially successful, deepened our spiritual convictions, and dreamed bigger dreams than we ever thought possible