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Yamazaki, Takumi & Rieko is correct (see Media:Cover_200001.pdf).

Upline Diamond

Takumi & Rieko Yamazaki and Yoshiyuki Yamazaki are in two separate legs of Kaoru Nakajima. The line of sponsorship for Takumi & Rieko goes as follows:

DCA 中島 (Kaoru Nakajima) > EDC (name unknown) > Triple Diamond 山田 (Yamada) > Double Diamond (name unknown) > FCA Yamazaki Takumi & Rieko,

while Yoshiyuki Yamazaki is downline of 渡辺 (Watanabe Masato) (crossline to the above mentioned EDC)

I will try to find out the names of the Diamonds, but unfortunately, the Diamond LOS of Kaoru Nakajima I have is a scanned picture with the surnames in Japanese and it's I think 5-6 years old, so some pins have changed since then. The LOS shows that that unknown EDC has also the second Diamond leg and the LOS goes like this: FCA Hamamoto > CA Kajihara > CA Kitakon > CA Hatayama (back then he was an EDC).--SP75 22:25, 20 August 2009 (UTC)

The unknown EDC appears to be 斉藤 (or 齋藤) (Saito). I couldn't find any other Saito except 斉藤 実希子・真実・彰範 (Saito Mikiko & Mami & Akinori) - they were listed among the FAA bonus recipients. Provided that they are EDC's with two FCA legs (at least 6 FAA), it is very likely that they earn FAA bonus which starts at 8 FAA. I will try to find the name of the Double Diamond under Yamada, to complete the line of sponsorship.--SP75 17:51, 21 August 2009 (UTC)
The only Triple Diamond named 山田 (Yamada) I have found is 山田豊実 Yutaka Yamada. So the line of sponsorship goes as follows:
DCA 中島 (Kaoru Nakajima) > EDC 斉藤 実希子・真実・彰範 (Mikiko & Mami & Akinori Saito) > Triple Diamond 山田豊実 (Yutaka Yamada) > Double Diamond (name unknown) > FCA Yamazaki Takumi & Rieko.
Anybody knows the name of that Double Diamond?--SP75 19:14, 21 August 2009 (UTC)